A guide to choosing perfect lingerie as per your body type

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Plus size refers to the size of clothing for people having body sizes larger than the average person’s body. The term plus size has been brought up by the fashion industry for people who are bulky and have heavy weight. This article will guide plus size women to choose the correct size of lingeries for their bodies. Plus size lingerie If you are an oversized woman and have a curvy body, you must be aware of plus-size lingerie. It is very essential to take care of your delicate parts and wear the inner wear that suits your body.

Plus size can be a challenge for those who might think that they can fit in the average size but just a few inches makes a big difference. Plus size lingerie stores are available everywhere in the market. Buy the right size bras and panties for you by measuring your exact body size. Your regular bras and panties determine how your curves look throughout.
Wearing a tight bra ends up squishing your breasts into your chest and making you feel uncomfortable and awkward. A loose bra results in sagging and makes your breasts saggy if you regularly wear loose bras. That’s why choosing the right fit bra is very essential to keep your breast in the proper size and healthy.

For panties, buy one that covers your entire hip area otherwise you will feel uneasy and uncomfortable in your pants. If you want to wear some tight fitting dresses, wear thongs to not show the panty lines. Plus size thongs are available online and offline in the market. A curvy body looks as beautiful as slim in lingerie’s, just need to buy the right size for them. Your lingeries should not be loose or tighter. A curvy body needs a bra and panties that would hold the breast and bottom at the right place.

Choose lingeries as per your body type.

If you are slim or skinny explore more padded bras. Slim and average sized bodies can look good in any kind of bras and panties. Plus size bodies should be careful about not wearing something that makes their body sag or more squashed. Always choose one that fits your original body instead of faking what you are not.

Where to buy Plus size lingerie

Plus size lingerie stores are available both online and offline. If you want to buy plus size lingerie online, visit Ellixy. It is one of the leading online lingerie stores in India which provides a wide range of lingerie for plus size women. All products of Ellixy are made up of good quality fabrics that offer you ultra-comfort and make you feel confident. Start your shopping now from Ellixy and get maximum discounts and offers.

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Women are always superior to men when it comes to fashion and style statements. Women are always concerned about their outfits and everything they wear. But it’s not only about outfits, makeup, footwear, and other assets. They show an equal amount of interest and concern about their innerwear as well.

The last few decades have changed the definition of inner wear fashion completely.  Due to the increasing involvement of national and international brands, media advertisements, and more awareness due to the fashion industry,  the industry of lingerie wear has been rising for the last 10-15 years.  Gone are the days, when inner wear was only about the bra and panties. Now lingeries are much more and have included in the top priority list of women’s wardrobe. The increasing demand for lingeries has given rise to the many different types of panties and bras which include cross back sports bra, strapless sports bra, best running bra light padded full coverage bras, lightly padded push-up bra, and many others.

With the rise in needs, requirements, and interest of different styles of inner wear, the number of retail and online stores of lingeries wear have also increased. Different national and international brands have made a special place in women’s hearts. Ellixy is one such brand that was started with the motive of providing all types of branded inner wear to all types of women and girls. From different varieties of Bras, panties, bikinis, bra panty set, sleep wear, bikinis to swim wear,  wedding wear, and other accessories,  Ellixy has a collection of all types of inner-wear. All the products of Ellixy are made of good fabrics and designed by experienced and skilled designers.

If you want to buy great quality Bras, panties, and other lingerie products online, you must visit the official website of Ellixy. From cotton, satan to hosiery, Ellixy has innerwear collections in all fabrics, all colors, all sizes, and in all patterns.  Anyone can buy their favorite lingerie from the online store of Ellixy, as it provides inner wear clothing for all age groups of women and girls.

At Ellixy, customers are our first priority and we provide  24/7 customer support to all of our customers. If you have any queries or want to know more about any of our products, you can call or chat with our customer care executives. Explore all the designer and latest collection of Ellixy and buy the lingerie that suited best to you and make you feel comfortable.

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Women’s clothing is not only about outfits like jeans, tops, Kurtis, one-pieces, shorts, capris, and any other outfit. Nowadays ladies are more concerned about their inner wear too. Gone are the days when they were ashamed about discussing their inner wear. In Today’s world, women are self dependent and they know what they want for themselves. This transformation of the half population has included inner wear as a most important asset in women’s clothing. A right, proper fit, and comfortable inner wear make women more beautiful, confident, and elegant.  With plenty of bras, panties, and a wide collection of other designer innerwear, it is always a tough task to find the inner wear that fits you properly and gives you a comfortable feeling.


Gone are the days, when women felt ashamed of buying inner wear for them. Now they are more frank and independent to choose something that makes them comfortable and confident. With the increasing involvement in online shopping, designer lingerie sets are also making their online presence.


Why choose Ellixy for an online designer lingerie set?

Ellixy is one of the leading online shopping platforms which have the latest collection of innerwear like bras, panties, bra panty sets, lingerie sets, bikinis,  intimate wear, and shapewear. Aim towards unique ideas and designs, Ellixy has a team of dedicated designers and executives that works together to bring out the best for all the beautiful women out there. Whether you need, plus size or small, cotton or hosiery, Ellixy have a wide collection of all size and fabrics of designer lingerie set for every woman.


The needs and satisfaction of the customers are the first priority of Ellixy and it always works on smooth and easy payment options. Cash on delivery option is also available to avoid any difficulty in payment.


So, if you are looking for the best, reliable and cost-effective bra online shopping visit Ellixy and explore the latest collection of all types of classy and trendy lingerie. Buy a backless bra, bra panty set online, and other beautiful inner wear for you and your loved ones only on Ellixy. Shop now to get exclusive offers and maximum discounts.

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