Guide For Choosing The Right Bra: Buy Bra Online India

It is very confusing to Buy Bra Online India and there are numerous questions that women have in their minds when it comes to finding a perfect bra. The most common question of most of the ladies is that ‘How can I select a perfect bra’ or ‘what is the correct size of my bra’? Well, you are not required to get worried about it! Here at Ellixy you will get all the solutions to your problems.

Ladies you are required to remember your bra size that keeps on changing. We recommend you not to rely on your old bra size. You must always take care to measure the size of your bra before you go for Women’s Bra Online Shopping.

Identification of the bra that suits you best:

You are required to know about the size of your breasts. After that, it is very crucial for you to focus on the shape of your breasts as it assists in the determination of which bra is best suitable for you.

For instance, if you are having east to west breast type or your side-set breasts are having ample space between them, then an underwired bra is the best suitable for you. The first step in choosing the perfect bra size is the shape of your breasts.

Know the size of your bra in three simple steps:

Step 1: When you are going to Buy Bra Online India the measurement of your band. Wear a bra that is lightly lined so your breasts are as close to each other as naturally as possible. Do the wrapping of a measuring tape under your breasts. You are required to ensure that it is directly parallel with the bottom of your bra band.

Step 2: Now you are required to do the measurement of your bust. Place the tape at the fullest part of your breasts. Ensure that it is parallel to your band again.

Step 3: Subtract the size of your band from your breasts for finding the right size of the cup. Each inch is equal to one cup size up. You are required to remember that the measurement chart is different for each brand.

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