Sports Bras! How to wear and advantages?

When was the last time, you buy innerwear? Innerwears are something that needs regular updation because too many wears and washes can degrade the quality of the innerwears and it comprises with your comfort. You should replace your bras after every 8 to 12 months of use.  After 8 to 12 months bras started to lose their fitting and effectiveness. Keep wearing a bra after that also leads to certain health risks.  If you continue to wear an expired sports bra it can affect your breast tissues and results in premature breast sagging.  A sports bra needs extreme care so that it can support your breast throughout the workout session. Caring for your sports bra is equally important as your workout session, routine, and diet.


How to know if it is time to expire the sports bra?

When you buy a sports bra, its strap is stronger and the fabric of the bra will make you breathe easier. But as time passes, the quality of the sports bra starts degrading, and at a certain time, it becomes completely loose.  Straps will no longer be strong to provide the proper support to the breast, bottom bands will not fit your waist and its fiber started to come out of the material. When that happens, you should know that it’s time to retire that bra and buy a pair of new sports bras.

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The main advantage of wearing a properly fitting sports bra is that it provides support to the breasts. Choosing the right sports bra for you is depends on two important factors, which are- your body and your daily workout session.

Every woman has a different breast size and shape and it is its own kind of unique. Those who have smaller bust sizes dont need heavy support to the breast because their breast movement is low. Those women whose bust size is big to need more support for their breasts. If you do work out daily and and follow a high-impact workout routine like spinning, running, or boxing then you require more supports for your breasts because high-impact exercises lead to more movement of the breasts. If you are involved in low-impact exercises like yoga then you can settle for low support sports bras because of the less movement. Measure your breast size properly with the help of a sports bra size calculator to buy the bras that fit you properly and provide proper support to your breasts while doing exercises or any other activities.


What are the differences between Sports Bra and Normal Bra?

Sports bras are very popular nowadays and  in huge demand among girls and women of all ages. So, you might be confused about how a sports bra is different from a normal bra.  You can wear your sports bra daily for a workout session, at work, while relaxing, while going out, and all your activities. You can wear a sports bra under T-shirts or your office dresses. Sports bras dont have eye closure and hook. It is very easy to take off the sports bra. There are many types of sports bras available in the market online and offline. You can choose from the exclusive collection of sports bras for running, cotton sports bra, adjustable sports bra, and many others.

sports bra for running, cotton sports bra, adjustable sports bra

Sports Bra Maintains Breast Shape.

The tissues of breasts and your breast size can loosen up whether we work out or not. This leads to sagging of your breast and gives you a flat look.  A properly fit sports bra gives you complete support and stability for the whole day. For these reasons, the problem of sagging goes away and your body maintains the proper breast shape whether you workout or not.

Sports bra reduces the risk of breast tissue damage and prevents sagging.  Right sports bra looks good, makes you feel great, and provides extreme security.


Sports bra reduces the risk of breast pain.

When you do exercise, the muscles of your breasts move up and down which results in pain after the exercise. Sports bras are designed in such a way that it provides the extreme support to the breasts and maintain the right position of the breasts.  So, wearing a sports bra is a great idea to reduce the movement of your breasts and thus the pain caused by the movement.

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